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About the Witch - Me! ...who am I and why am I here?

My name is Jan and I am a witch. It is commonly thought that witch is another word for Wiccan, but that is not exactly true. I am not Wiccan. Wiccans follow the religion of Wicca and may or may not practice magick. I have been a student of witchcraft/magick for more than 30 years. In addition to the "generational witchcraft" teachings of my family, I have extensively studied Wicca and other "mystery" religions.

My witchcraft is a unique blend that draws on my extensive knowledge & experience and that of my family. On my mother's side, we can trace our magick lines back for at least 5 generations. It is assumed that our magick lines go back even further, but we loose track at my great- great- grandmother Ruby's parents. Ruby and her parents were Gypsies. Here is a portrait of Ruby taken in 1901.

My mother's mother was Ruby's granddaughter. My mother's father was the son of a Native American shaman. She was taught by both and then taught me this unique blend of magick! On my father's side, our family tree has roots in Ireland where we can trace our lineage back for several hundred years to one of Ireland's High Kings. Plenty of traditional Celtic magick here! These 3 distinct styles of magick (Celtic, Shamanic & Gypsy) are blended in my spell casting. The power of 3 is a strong theme in all magick and I am 3 times blessed.

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