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I cast your spell as I craft the notion that will hold it. This creates a magickal battery! The spell is not complete until YOU decide to complete it. I will provide you with EASY to follow instructions that will direct the power of the 'spell battery' to you. Don't worry, no special training or knowledge is required for this step - It is done purely to protect your identity. Giving out sensitive personal information such as birth dates for others to use when they cast spells will open you up to identity theft and I don't want that to happen! All of the actual "Spell-working" will have already been completed when you receive your notion. I won't divulge the secrets of the casting, but I will tell you it starts with me creating the "POWER" that is needed for the spell. More and more Power is infused until the notion becomes charged and the spell is bound to it.

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On the left is a photo of my aura as I prepare for spell-work. It is predominantly red which indicates intense energy. The bands of violet and indigo at the top indicate a gift of psychic abilities. The photo on the right is my aura DURING spell casting. Notice the dramatic changes. It has nearly doubled in intensity and the red colors have brightened and now show spots of orange and gold (orange and gold are colors of creativity). The violet and blue have been replaced by a halo of gold. This is a level of creative spiritual power that takes many, many years to achieve.

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